A Brand New BBQ Smoker Grill Must Be Cured

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When you think of curing your BBQ smoker grill, then chances are you are thinking about the meat, getting it prepared for that slow cooked goodness. Absolutely that is part of it. You should adequately cure the meat before you smoke it if you would like the best flavor. But that’s not the cure we’re talking about here.

Think of what your smoker is made from. It’s metal. And that metal has been shaped into precision parts by cutting and shaving. When your smoker was made, little shavings, metallic dust and residue were created by the process. That’s an unavoidable part of the development procedure.

The manufacturers of your BBQ smoker grill also took the time to coat and paint the device in order to safeguard it from the elements and rust. Of course for that to take place, they had to make use of some fairly heavy duty chemical substances.

Now consider what happens once the product is completed. Usually it is located in a stockroom or showroom until you bring it home. Guess what? You now have dust on your product. Shipping crates and boxes contain dust along with other particulates, as well.

Every one of these elements are on your BBQ smoker grill at the time of purchase. Those elements have another feature that they share. As condiments go, all are pretty terrible. These are not the kind of items you want to consume. You spend a good amount of time and money getting those ribs prepared to cook. The additional elements from the grill won’t do anything to improve the flavor. When it comes time for you to eat, you want to taste the tender meat with the wood smokey flavor and the delectable sauce. The menu doesn’t include things like nasty tasting deposits or harmful toxins.

You need a cure for the problem and curing your BBQ smoker grill is the solution. You want to get rid of the shavings, dust, particles and general grossness that accompany every brand new smoker.

Happily, that’s a relatively easy process. The best way to get rid of unhealthy components is to blast them into oblivion with a healthy amount of heat. You can cure your grill by heating it up, sans meat.

Begin by getting the BBQ smoker grill hot. Get the temperature inside of the smoker up to approximately 400 degrees, and maintain it there for about a half hour. At that time, you can back off the heat a bit. Take it down to approximately 250 degrees and keep it operating for two or three more hours.

The simple process of exposing the smoker to excessive temperatures keeps your first meal from turning into a disaster since the undesirable residue will burn up. Curing your BBQ smoker grill does not take much effort. It is not especially time consuming and it is not really difficult. But that does not imply it’s not necessary.

Before you think about smoking anything, be certain to cure your BBQ smoker grill.

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A Brand New BBQ Smoker Grill Must Be Cured

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This article was published on 2010/12/02