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Do you know anybody who smokes at least one cigarette a day? Sounds like a rhetorical question, doesn't it? Well, it is not a secret that millions of people suffer from nicotine addiction. Some smokers insist that having a cigarette helps them to relax when they are extremely anxious; others claim that it is a part of their socializing routine, and often enough you can hear that smoking is a great way to forget about your problems.

Whatever the reasons are, and they are endless, they can hardly wipe out the dangers that any person inhaling nicotine faces. But the majority of smokers tend to think that what is meant to be, is meant to be. So, often no disease or illness can scare them away from the small pack of cigarettes, looking so tempting on the shelves of stores and delis... Right. Whatever is meant to be... But how about becoming poorer and poorer every time you dig into your pocket for ten bucks or even more just to satisfy your weakness?

It seems as if the cigarette prices are climbing up to the sky all the time. One day you come to a store and spend eight dollars, the next day you come and the sales person wants ten bucks from you. You, in turn, start complaining about how tired you are of these ridiculous taxes and that you are being ripped off. Very nice, indeed. But, interestingly enough, the majority of smokers don't stop at complaining... They buy the cigarettes!

Now, that is all up to them, of course, and nobody can actually blame the nicotine addicts, since they are the biggest losers in this situation. They not only abuse their lungs, they also waste their money. If we do the math, we will see that the "innocent" habit costs an average smoker thirty dollars every week, which is about one hundred twenty Washington bills per month, which is about one thousand four hundred forty bucks per year... The number is quite astonishing, and it is even bigger for heavy smokers.

So, is it not right to stop and think about what we, the smokers, are doing to ourselves? Can't we see that smoking is like a big hole in our wallets? We can just as well spend this money on other wonderful weaknesses that we surely have! Like, spending quality time with our family, for example. Or eating out, for a change. Or buying new clothes, girls, anyone? Without any doubt, we can also save the bucks for our retirement plan, and should we do so now, we definitely will live long enough to reach the honorable age.

As for me, I've had enough. And tomorrow I'm going to have a nice dessert in a nice restaurant, which I haven't done for so long, since I always couldn't wait till the end of the dinner to have a puff. If you decide to join me, just consider quitting to be your new part-time job you are being paid for to do. And later on you'll thank yourself for being so economical... and healthy.

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Poor, Poor Smoker

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This article was published on 2010/03/27