Tips For Cooking With a Stovetop Smoker

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Stovetop smokers are a versatile kitchen helper that allows you to smoke many types of foods any time of the year in record time. Not only can they be used indoors on gas or electric stove tops, but they can also be used on outdoor grills and campfires. Other advantages include using it as a steamer or poacher by filling the base with water.

Camerons stovetop smokers use a process of smoking that allows the foods to retain flavor without having to add salt, fats or oils. Smoking does not take out any of the natural moisture either, which means that food is juicy and tender instead of tough and chewy. This specialized cookware is a valuable addition to any home chef's kitchen who's cooking for small families or large parties. Because a lot less time is needed when smoking this way, you're not watching the traditional outdoor smoker for hours.

It's possible to smoke anything from meat, poultry, ribs, fish and vegetables with the stovetop smoker. Although the smoker comes with a lid, you can smoke larger items, such as a ham, whole chicken or turkey, by replacing the lid with aluminum foil. Always make sure that the burnt wood chips and drippings are cleaned up before starting the new recipe.

Rule one; you should spray the wire rack that comes with the smokers with a non-stick cooking spray before placing food on top. This makes it much easier to clean. Rule two, for best results leave some space between the pieces of food being smoked. This allows the smoky flavor to penetrate the surface more effectively.

Family favorites or new recipes are easily adjusted for the stovetop smoker. You can still marinate, add spices or fresh herbs. You can also choose the flavor of wood chips to use. The chips, which are included with the smoker, come in mild flavors like Cherry, Alder, Oak or stronger flavors like Mesquite and Hickory. Since these smokers were designed to use indoors, smoking can be done year round.

Popular recipes for stovetop smokers include Fish - salmon, trout, shrimp; Chicken - pieces or whole; Meat - ribs, steak, prime rib, pork chops; Vegetables - potatoes, mushrooms, peppers, eggplant, asparagus. Fish caught while out camping can also be prepared with the stovetop smoker since they can be used on grills or campfires. They are a great addition to any kitchen or backyard grill.  And, add another interesting element to your dinners.

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Tips For Cooking With a Stovetop Smoker

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This article was published on 2010/03/30